Empowering children and young people to take charge of their lives.
African Youth Club (AYC) believes that the best way to empower young people is to start empowering them at an early age so that they grow up with a sense of achievement, leadership, responsibility and equality of everyone.
Gender equality is the very centre of our work to create a better society for all.
African Youth Club has put gender equality at the centre of its work . Gender equality is important in creating a fair and equal society hence we promote gender equality by ensuring that girls and boys have equal access to education, skills, training and resources.
Leadership is needed in the African youth community to ensure success.
African Youth Club trains young people to be future leader . Lack of leadership or role model in leadership in the black community has great impact in young people. The youth need to look up to someone to emulate them as good role model.
Education is knowledge. Knowledge is power. Power is key to success.
Most young people from Black background have poor education attainment . That means they are being deprived of knowledge, power and key to success to be future leaders. AYC is leading on targeted education programmes for young Africans in the UK.
Ending poverty in children and young people is our top priority.
We work in partnership with others to fight poverty. . Children and young people are most affected by poverty when families fall behind either in paying rent, loosing jobs by bread-winner and families facing eviction. Our aim is to protect children.
After school clubs are helping those from disadvantaged background.
We are now running after-school clubs to help children in hardships. . Extra-lessons clubs are helping pupils who are struggling with their studies to give them opportunities to catch up what they have missed during school lessons. The extra lessons is popular with children.
Recognising volunteers is important especially in young people.
African Youth Club is launching a programme to recognise young volunteers . We survive on volunteers and without volunteers, we wouldn't be able to deliver our work. We are working with accreditors to design a qualification in volunteering that can be achieved by young people who volunteer.
Child protection is central to the work of African Youth Club and all we do.
African Youth Club recognises that the protection of children from harm is paramount . We understand that children are vulnerable and need our protection hence we have programmes of training staff, volunteers and management committee on the awareness of children protection all the time every time.
Cultural identity is important to African Youth Club. We are proud to show our identity.
Cultural identity is thi modern life can be very challenging espeiclally for young people . Modernity can cause confusion in young people about their identity as they ask, Who Am I and we are here to encourage young people to exhibit their cultural identy through cultural activities and events.
Providing tailor-made information, advice and guidance (IAG) to young Africans.
African Youth Club (AYC) provides timely information, advice and guidance (IAG) to young people in the UK. With confusing information from social media, AYC provides good and timely information so that young people make the right decision.

Welcome to African Youth Club

Putting children and young people first

Welcome to African Youth Club, is a youth organisation for African young people living in the UK. In general young people face many challenging issues in life including unemployment, bullying, peer pressure and stigma in all walks of life. We work with communities and service providers to bring about change and tackle issues affecting young people together.  "Young people form a vulnerable group that is often ignored and misunderstood. We work with the world to protect children and young people from violence, exploitation and abuse.   Most often children and young people are abused by the people they know. In conflict, children and young people are most vulnerable facing rape, forced labour, exploitation and forced to watch their loved ones being killed and to take part in the killing and forced to join the fighting parties.

Violence, exploitation and abuse of children and young people reflects serious societal ills and moral decadence. Sex with minors and sexual violence against children and young people seriously affects their health, dignity, security and safety. This comprises of human rights violations and must be challenged by everyone


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Empowering young people

Ensuring young people grow up as responsible citizens

We work with other organisations supporting children and young people to provide mentoring and role model  projects. Young people from poor background are disproportionately represented in criminal justice system and are vulnerable despite advancement in child protection awareness, legislation and international agreements. There is convention on the rights of the child and other many international agreements and instruments that are meant to protect children and young people, however, young people from deprived background are still much more likely to be poor and illiterate and not in education, employment and training (NEET).

Youth empowerment is fundamental to the development of humanity, societal harmony and realisation of human rights for all. African Youth Club wishes to address empowerment of young people by addressing the following issues: skills development, education and families.

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We are a youth organisation that seeks to address issues in the area of youth unemployment, lack of education and skills in the African communities in the UK. Our aims are:.

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